Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Did you Know Paul Revere was a Mason?

Robert Newman, Sexton of Christ Church also known as the "Old North Church" in Boston was the man who hung the lantern to signal 'The Red Coats Are Coming'.

Paul Revere then rode through the countryside to warn the colonists of the impending danger. Both were Masons.

The present Rector, after arriving at the Church heard the frequent stories of Freemasonry's involvement there. After investigation of the organization, he too became a mason!

Long Island Free Masons


Blogger Bill K. said...

I was at a masonic lodge outside Fort Monroe, VA back in 2001. The Most Worshipful urged me to follow hom and took of his jewels that he was wearing as he overheard I was from Texas.

I showed it to me and flipped it around to show me that his jewel was inscribed To George Washington from Paul Revere. It was a great moment!

Bill K.
from Bohemia, NY residiing out in Phoenix

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