Friday, June 30, 2006


By W:.Patrick Bellotti, Past Master, Meridian Lodge 691

In today’s world the BLOG which is a short acronym for Web Log, has become a useful tool for someone to get their message out to a large amount of people with the minimum of effort.

In Masonry, the Blog has been found to be a great way to educate, inform and instruct our Masonic brethren. What better way to let our message get through than by posting it online where it is available to any Brother 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Hence the term 24/7).

The truth of the matter though, is different. Masonry is woefully behind when it comes to the subjects of Masonic Blogging and Masonic Internet usage. That is a shame because much of today’s world uses the Internet as a vehicle and a source. A majority of people, especially men, use the Internet. Of those male users, an overwhelming majority, are younger persons who are a great target audience for our word and to send a message as to what we are all about.

Many new Brothers first exposure to Masonry was via the Internet. By having a Masonic Blog, one can insure that these interested brothers and potential candidates get the information they seek in a safe and Masonic way. The Blog can insure that no false facts reach the mass of people who have access to the Blog. At the same time our Masonic methods and secrets can remain safe from any “prying eyes”.

I want to stress that the Blog will show your Lodge positive results in a very short time. Inquiries to find out more on Masonry have been coming to me from people as far as Canada. To those persons I simply tell them to do a search on what they want to find out and as long as it can be revealed, the Internet will give them the necessary information they seek. On a local level, the term 2B1 – ASK1 can be easily addressed as any candidate can see where the local Lodge is with contact information. This makes it easier for a potential member to start down his Masonic journey.

Another way the Blog is useful is it can be a bridge between younger and older brothers. It is possible that older brothers can use the Blog to help younger brothers on Masonic History and ritual. Conversely, a younger brother can assist an older brother with the usage of the computer and access to the Internet. It is a mutually rewarding situation for Masonry.

In my case the Internet and Blog is far more than that of a toy to dabble with. It literally is my principal way to stay involved. I presently have a handicap which at this time prevents me from attending Lodge on a regular basis. Ask yourself this: How many other brothers are home because of a handicap or disability and of those at home, how many would find the Blog a useful way to make them feel part of a Lodge?

It is my pleasure to do this Blog and as I always do, I have to give credit to W:. Paul Davis, Past Master of Meridian Lodge in Islip for having the foresight to get this Blog off the ground as well as rekindling my interest in the Light. If you wish to share in this Blog remember to go to . Also if you wish to share something in the blog you can send it to me at my E-mail address at . If it is informative and accurate, I will have no problem adding it in the Blog whenever it becomes possible. I hope that there are others out there who are touched by this way of sharing the Masonic word.



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