Friday, July 14, 2006


By W:.Patrick Bellotti, P.M.

In my time in the Fraternity I have always marveled at the ability of my Brethren to make their ritual work both informative and entertaining. When their years of experience were taken into account it truly made the Masonic work very memorable and special. At the same time I have seen other Brothers recite the work and although every word was correct, something was missing. It somehow loses something when ritual work is said with no emotion and from rote memory. There are ways to make the delivery of your Ritual work better and it is not too hard to accomplish. Let me point out some ways.

To begin with first and foremost is to know your subject matter. Know what you are conveying to the others in the Lodge. If you are just saying words without knowing their meaning, it is immediately picked by by the others and the beauty is taken out of the work.

Secondly, you should believe the message you are conveying. You fool noone if you recite words without believing what they mean. Ritual work is a beautiful thing to observe and you as a speaker can make or break it's message.

Third you should speak loud enough so the Brother's can hear your words. It is a natural human trait to speak lowly in a crowd due to nervousness but that can easily be overcome with practice and confidence.

Pronounciation is the next phase of effective ritual work. Go over your part and see if there are any words that you are not sure how to pronounce. Don't be proud. If there is a word that you are not sure how to pronouce then ask another Brother. It is better to ask then to hear a word mispronounced during ritual. Sometimes mispronounced many times because it is repeated in the ritual. Don't be proud. We all have been there.

The final aspect is Articulation. You may know all of your part but did you say it clearly? Did you say each word so that every brother in the Lodge understand your words? This is important. Nothing takes away from ritual then hearing someone mumble their way through a paragraph. In this case I would say to SLOW DOWN. Take your time and speak with conviction. You will be amazed how different the same words sound to others when you follow this simple style.

Just practice your parts at home and try these methods. You will see that your message to your Brethren will be improved and much more entertaining and clearer to your audience. Every Mason has their own story of their early times doing ritual so just remember that you are not alone and it is something every Mason gets through. If you have any other tips or stories you wish to share I invite you to let me know.



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