Sunday, July 09, 2006


By W:. Patrick Bellotti, Past Master, Meridian Lodge 691


One of the nicest times of the year coincides with the time that most Lodges go on hiatus for the summer. As ironic as this sounds, there are many valid reasons for this break. It is the time of the year that many Brothers go away with their families on vacation. It is also, in most Lodges, the time after the election of new officers. A result of this is that many incoming Masters have yet to fine tune their Trestle board for the upcoming year.

It does seem a shame though that the best time of the year becomes non productive as far as Lodge work goes. I would like to propose a few generic activities that the Brothers can participate in over the summer. By joining together in these activities, the Lodge can be up and running and ready for its work the minute the Masonic year commences.

For starters, the summer break is a great time to have a Lodge work party to clean the Lodge and spruce it up for the new Officers and the Brothers. When I was Master, I instituted a work party and I made it as inclusive as I could. Not only were the Lodge Brothers invited but I extended the work party to include the Eastern Star as I felt they would also benefit by having the Lodge in top condition. I was happy to see that it was a good success. Many Brothers not only came and happily worked but a surprise reward was having them give much appreciated suggestions and input which would not normally be shared. The informal atmosphere put everyone at ease and everyone worked hard from the basement up to the attic. Items were restored in a more orderly fashion and pieces that best could be classified as “junk” were given a classy disposal.

As far as cleaning, the Lodge revealed treasures that were buried under years of dust, dirt and neglect. People were awed by the beauty of the Lodge that was normally overlooked. The best thing was this "can do" attitude continued past my term and subsequent Masters took it further by giving the Lodge a new look, new rugs and new paint both inside and outside the building. Today the Lodge is both beautiful and historical as many restorations were done.

This is easier accomplished in the summer months as the work party is not under the gun to have the Lodge ready by the next weekly meeting.

Another summer project which is a beneficial for the Officers is to get a jump on their degree work. If your Lodge is going to put on a degree at the beginning of the year it sometimes is, shall we say, not as sharp as it is later in the year. A summer practice gives confidence and knowledge to the officers who are, in some cases, doing their parts for the first time. A summer practice also fosters comfort and confidence in the officers as they learn to work together.

I don’t want you to think that I am advocating year round Masonry. We already practice Masonry year round in our hearts and by our actions. I merely wanted to share some things with the Brothers who are looking for something to do on the break.

If you have any ideas or thoughts I cordially invite you to share them with me. I will be glad to pass them along.



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