Friday, September 22, 2006

Before Wendy's -Bro. Benjamin Franklin-?

When we hear the word "franchise" we think of twentieth-century entrepreneurs like Bro. Dave Thomas , the man who founded the Wendy's chain of restaurants. But Bro. Ben Franklin? Bro. Benjamin Franklin was way ahead of his time. In order to expand his printing business, he set up branches of his print shop in nearly every city on the Eastern seaboard. In return for setting the shops up, he then took a share of the profits. And like the modern franchises of today, he even sold the print shops the supplies they needed to run their business, like ink and paper. Franklin understood that the secret to growth is to empower others, and that the secret to wealth is to always keep a finger in the pie. Bro. Benjamin Franklin personifies the spirit and inventiveness of the modern world. His accomplishments read like an almanac of greatness: • Inventor; poet; philosopher; pamphleteer. • Distinguished member of three national academies of science. • America's first Postmaster general. • Founder of Philadelphia's first police force, lending library, and theacademy which would become the University of • Pennsylvania. • Founder of the first fire insurance company. • Delegate to the Constitutional Convention. • Drafter of the Declaration of Independence. • One of America's most effective statesman and ambassadors. But for all his achievements, and for all his wealth, the epitaph Franklin wrote for himself simply reads "Here lies the body of Ben Franklin, printer." In honoring his humble roots as printer's apprentice, Bro. Benjamin Franklin reveals a lot about what made him great.



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