Wednesday, September 13, 2006


What do we really know about Bro. George—? A Quickie Quizz~

Which of the following well-known stories of Bro. George Washington are true?

A. He admitted chopping down a cherry tree.
B. He wore wooden teeth.
C. He grew up in a rich, aristocratic family.
D. His mother was proud of his accomplishments.

ANSWER. None of the above. The cherry tree story was invented by Mason Weems, Bro.Washington's first biogra-pher; his false teeth had no wood in them; he grew up relatively poor; and his mother, according to historian James Flexner, "was always complaining that he wasn't staying at home and taking care of her.

" Was Bro. Washington ever Master of his Lodge?

No. Not of The Lodge at Fredricksburgh where, after paying a membership fee of two pounds, three shillings, he was initiated on November 4,1752, "pass'd fellow Craft" on March 3, 1753, and raised as Master Mason on August 4, 1753. But when he became a charter member of Alexandria Lodge 22, Virginia, he was elected its first Master and served two terms running from April 28,1788, to December 27,1789.

While sixteen Presidents have been Masons Bro. Washington is the only one who was serving as a Master of his Lodge at the time of his inauguration as President of the United States. This took place on April 30, 1789.

Contrary to general belief, Bro. Washington was never a Grand Master, though the convention which led to the formation of the Grand Lodge of Virginia did nominate him for the job. He declined the honor. He was also named as prospective Grand Master for a General Grand Lodge which was being proposed at about the same time.

At Bro. Washington's death in 1805 Alexandria Lodge 22 renamed itself Alexandria-Washington Lodge 22, it's name to this day. Many Lodges, cities and schools are named for him.



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