Thursday, September 07, 2006


By Brother Paul Denhoff, Bay Shore Lodge # 1043

Wm, if I may, I would like to bring up a little tidbit.
I shall refer to it as "The case of the missing lapel pin".

Years ago, the night I was raised, a Brother came up to me and presented
me with a gift.
It was a lapel pin, which he proceeded to pin onto my jacket.
It appeared, to a non-Mason, a miniature upside-down golf club with a
golf ball on either side.
It was supposed to identify me as a Mason to a fellow Brother who
happened to notice it.
To anyone else, it would appear to be that I was a golfer.

This presented me with a problem. If a golfer saw the pin, he may have
approached me and inquired what my handicap was.
As, at that time, I consider myself to be in a passable physical
condition, I would only reply with a puzzled look.
I am rather proud that I no longer see that pin which has been replaced
by the pin that most of us wear on our Dress Jacket.
We should no longer be afraid or intimidated to let the world know who we

We no longer display a lapel pin, which is not an upside down golf club
at all, but in fact are two balls with a cane in the middle.

(As Masons were persecuted during the Second World War in Nazi Germany,there was another pin that Masons wore that only a Brother would recognize.)

Even today, there are ignorant sectors that would like to see our
fraternity disappear, so, do not hide the fact, show our pin on your
dress jacket anytime you go out into the world!



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